Earth Day FUN!

Hi Friends.... I just wanted to drop in and do a quick little blog post on Earth Day.  I know it is coming up in April and I am a bit of a pre-planner...can you say...{type a}...I digress :)   I wanted to share an activity that I have done with my students for the past three years and we have had sooooo much fun making them.  I have created an Earth Flip Flap Book and Lapbook resource...

Here is a fun little video that I show my students every year...

I also read these books to my kiddos...
{Click the book images to see them on Amazon}

I am sure you know me for my Flip Flap Books...and the obsession began with this resource almost three years ago :)  I wanted to do something different for Earth Day so I figured I would make a lapbook with some different ideas and foldables inside...and now they are officially called Flip Flap Books :)   Then I thought of an idea to use the word EARTH for the students to write in :)  And the Flip Flap Book Fascination began :)  What I love about this resourece is that it is a flip flap book AND a lapbook all rolled up into one adorable project :)  Here are some images of the lapbook when it is completed...

This is the outside of the lapbook....

This is the inside of the lapbook...

And there is MORE....  If you want to do this activity, but alter it a bit..I gave you a 3-in-1 option...

You have a choice of the type of activity that you can complete :)

I hope this gives you some ideas for Earth Day :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Blog HOP F.U.N.

Top of the mornin' to you my friends :)

I am teaming up with some great teacher bloggers to bring you a blog hop featuring one of my March resources.  I want to give you a closer look at this resource and how I run my day during St. Patrick's Day.... 

Here are my blogging friends that are taking part in this fun little blog hop...

And here is the resource that I will be featuring today and offering for 15% OFF!!!

On St. Patrick's Day in my classroom I try to incorporate many different skills and activities to make the day fun, meaningful, and rigorous...not an easy feat...but it can be done.  I created this resource and have used it for the last three years in my classroom.  It incorporates literacy and math skills.  First thing in the morning, I have a few parents coming in to class to bake Irish soda bread with my students.  I will be sending them own to the cafeteria with my parents in three groups.  While each group is baking, we will be working on a variety of math activities that I will have set up in 3 different centers around the room.  One activity is called Dublin' Fun where the students will play a math game using math doubles facts, the next activity they will do is play a game called Leprechaun Loot where the students will turn over leprechaun gold and make the largest triple-digit number they can make and compare their number to their partner's number using greater than or less than, and the last math station is called Pot o' Gold Domino Sums where they will use dominoes and add the sums on pots of gold.

During my literacy block, I will read one of my favorite books called Clever Tom and the Leprechaun which is an adorable story of some clever trickery on the part of the tiny little leprechaun.  This story lends itself so perfectly to a cause and effect activity as well as a character traits lesson.  I have done both activities with my class in the past and has always been a ton of fun.

Here are a few images of our Clover of Character Traits and our Clever Tom and the Leprechaun creativity....

And if you want to check it out in my TPT Shop, click the image below... and it is ON SALE TODAY for 15% OFF!!

If you are looking for a quickie activity for St. Patrick's Day, head on over to my TPT Shop to pick up my Luck of the Irish Flip Flap Book FREEBIE!!!

Now... head on over to Vera's blog, The Tutu Teacher to check out one of her March resources...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my Luck of the Irish FREEBIE!!



YIPPPEEE! Good News!!!!

Hi friends... GUESS WHAT??  I have exciting news... Ready.... It's a HUGE TPT SITEWIDE SALE!  I am so excited.  We are celebrating.... YOU.. TEACHERS... you know why...
because YOU ARE HEROES!  That's right!  Teachers Are Heroes!  We work tirelessly every day to help our students learn and grow...we have one of the hardest jobs in the world...I know that some people may not agree with that.... But I know everyone that is reading my post will agree :)  

My entire store will be ON SALE for 20% OFF on Wednesday and if you enter the code
you will get an additional 10% OFF!

 I am also REALLY EXCITED because I have been a busy little bee creating some NEW resources that I am STOKED about :) 

I have been called the Flip Flap Book Queen by many of my friends, because I have created over 100 of my flip flap books and there doesn't seem to be an end in site :)  LOL  I have gotten so many wonderful e-mails and Facebook messages saying how their students LOVE my flip flap books... truly it makes my heart sing.  I have also received SO many e-mails asking me to make Flip Flap Books smaller so that they can fit inside interactive notebooks... so.... GUESS WHAT?|!?!?!  


My Interactive Notebook Minis:
Math Flip Flap Books

These Interactive Mini Math Flip Flap Books cover a TON of different concepts and strategies for Grades 2 and 3...and they are aligned with the common core.  There are 10 total flip flap books in this resource and fit perfectly and beautifully inside of your Math Interactive Notebooks!  What more could you ask for ;)  We started working on multiplication in my 2nd grade classroom this passed week so we started working on our Multiplication Mini Flip Flap Book today and the kids LOVED them!  Happy teacher here :)

Here are some images of one that my student is working on....

EEEEEK... I am so excited about these.  You can check them out in my TPT Shop :)

Next up.... Social Studies Tab-Its...ummm... Yes.. please :)
How CUTE are these!  I plan on using these in a few different ways.  Some of the topics I will use an an activity after my lesson on that specific topics.  Some of the other Social Studies Tab-Its I will put in my Work on Writing Center for my students to use to complete independent research.  

Don't forget to check out my Tab-Its BUNDLES to save a BUNDLE :)

So... I just thought I give you a run down of my newest resources :) I hope you check them out in my TPT Shop :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Hi Friends... GUESS WHAT?   My birthday is on Groundhog Day!  For the LIFE of me... I have NO IDEA how I am in the 'low' forties....WHAT?????  How in the world did this happen?????  I literally do not remember my thirties!  I used to be the YOUNG teacher and now all of a sudden, I was called a VETERAN teacher the other day!  YIKES... those words scared me a bit...but since I have been teaching for 22 years...I guess that may be accurate!  LOL try and get over my depression that I continue to get older each year...LOL.. I am having a BIRTHDAY BASH....starting TODAY!!!  My ENTIRE TPT Shop is 20% OFF Today, Tomorrow, and Monday! 

Not only that....but I am having a $20 GIVEAWAY RAFFLE to my TPT SHOP
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I Love You Flip Flap Book 
for Valentine's Day!

NO Stress Spelling

Getting my little kiddos to THINK about spelling patterns in words in BRUTAL no easy task.  Many times they are rushing during their writing activities to "just get through it" and refuse to take the time to use the different strategies that I teach them to help them write with conventional spelling patterns.  This makes me a bit crazy unsettled.  I know that I can't expect them to spell correctly all the time.  However,  I do want them to use their strategies of stretching out words or listening for chunks and endings on the words they want to write.  Applying these skills should be a daily, if not a minute-by-minute occurrence during any type of writing activity.

There is ONE very important tool that I use in my classroom, every day... ALL DAY... and that wonderful tool is our Word Book!  This little book is a godsend!  I have been using this word book for the last twenty-two years that I have been in second grade.  It has been updated throughout those years  with new words and of course, cute clip art to be more appealing to my kiddos.  Our Word Book is our GO TO TOOL in my classroom.  It is on their desk during EVERY SINGLE THING WE WRITE...with the exception of their spelling tests ;) How many times a day do you hear, "How do you spell...?"  Those words make me twitch a little, but by the end of October I NEVER HEAR THEM AGAIN...yes... you heard me correctly!

I introduce our Word Book the third week of school.  I like to take the first few weeks of school to authentically assess their spelling skills, so I allow invented spelling the first couple of weeks.  It gives me a very clear picture into my students' strengths and weaknesses as spellers.  During the third week of school, I introduce our Word Book to the whole class.  I explain that it is the most important tool they will use in our class, next to their brain, of course :)  I explain in detail how to utilize our word book.  

When my students need to know how to spell a word, they must first S-T-R-E-T-C-H out the word by listening for the sounds they hear in the beginning, middle and end of the word.  Now that they have an idea of a few of the sounds in the word they need, they open their Word Books.  They turn to the correct page and begin to move down the list focusing on each of the letters they "hear" in the word they stretched out.   This skill definitely takes some practice.  But we practice it A LOT over the next couple of weeks.  If they cannot find the word in their Word Books, which does happen, they will raise their hand and put up a Number 2 using their fingers.  That means "I need a word in my Word Book."  I will either call them over to my desk (if I am working with a group), send them to my "student helper", or I will go to their desk and write it in their Word Book.  As the year progresses, and they become comfortable using their Word Books, I will write the words they need on a post-it note and they must transfer the word into their books.  This just gives them additional practice using and writing the word.  Never again will you hear those words  "HOW DO YOU SPELL...?" and you will thank me to the clouds and back :)  By mid-year there are so many words that will have been added to their Word Books, the need for words decrease as the year progresses.

This is what our Word Book looks like.....

If you would like to take a look at the Word Book that I created for my kiddos, please check it out by clicking the image below....

Thanks so much for stopping by..... Here's so STRESS-LESS SPELLING!!! :)


Peek at my Week :)

Hi Friends... This is a FIRST for me :)  I have never done a Peek at my Week blog bare with me :)  I am not going to create visual plans, but I will show you what my "plans" are for the week :)  I'm just amazed at my blogging friends that put together those AWESOME weekly plans with clickable links... I really wanna be just like them :)  

So this week I have a TON to get accomplished....

For ELA will be reading the story Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends and we will be working on Author's Purpose and Questioning as our comprehension skills and strategies!  We will work on my Author's Purpose Mini Flip Flaps for our Guided Reading Lapbook...

We will also complete my Questioning Tab-Its book for our Interactive Notebooks.  

Next up.... Verbs!  We worked on verbs just a little bit when we talked about Nouns, but this week we will get into the nitty gritty of verbs using my Parts of Speech Flip Flap Book.... I will begin this unit by reading the book To Root, to Toot, to Parachute and we will brainstorm a huge list of Verbs for our anchor chart.

Then my students will work on my Verbs Flip Flap book...

Onto Math... We are beginning our unit on Measurement.  One of my favorite units to teach.  I always begin this unit by reading the story called Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy.  Then we measure around our classroom using a "Penny Ruler" kiddos LOVE this activity every year!  Here are few images from last year....
(Click the image above to check it out on Amazon.)

Measuring the file cabinet with their Penny Ruler.
Measuring the window with their Penny Ruler

Measuring their leg with their Penny Ruler

Measuring the carpet with their Penny Ruler

Measuring the bookshelf with their Penny Ruler

Measuring the table with their Penny Ruler

Measuring their desk with their Penny Ruler

Working together to measure the rug.
Here is the mini-book they used to record their Non-Standard classroom measurements!

After we complete a week or so on learning how to measure using standard forms of measurement, they will compete my Measurement Exit Book for their Interactive Notebooks....

In Social Studies this week we are focusing on Landforms and Bodies of Water.  We completed a riddle and picture match in class after we watched a video on Landforms and I read them one of our big books.  Then we started to create Landform posters...

As an authentic assessment for this unit of study, my students will complete my Landforms and Bodies of Water flip flap books using the knowledge they gained from the unit....

They look AWESOME on my bulletin board when they are completed.

In my Work on Writing Center, I put a new "HAVE TO" writing piece in there each week.  Every week when they go to Work on Writing, they complete one "Have to" writing activity and then they may choose another "Can Do" writing activity.  Each week my Have To writing activity changes.   Last week, they wrote about their resolutions and things they will do differently in the new year using my 2015 Shape-Its Writing Booklets for their Writing Notebooks.


This week they will be reading about Martin Luther King, Jr. and writing about their "dreams" and what they can do to make the world a better place...

So...That's my week all wrapped up into one pretty picture...with A LOT to accomplish :)  It's going to be a FUN, but busy week :)

I am excited to be linking up for the FIRST TIME EVER with Deedee over at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten... Check out the linky going on....

Thanks for stopping by today :)