Friday, August 29, 2014

Giving Back with Classroom Goodies

Not long ago I was contacted by Office Depot to help them celebrate something pretty special!  Office Depot decided to focus on TEACHERS and ALL the incredible things teachers do each day to enrich the lives of their students and give of themselves to their students!  

Take a look at this...

I wanted to become a teacher because I LOVED children.  I wanted to help them learn how to read and write!  I wanted them to LOVE learning and become curious about things they didn't know about.  I strive each day to make my students excited about learning and most of all I try to make learning F.U.N. and hands-on!  I try to INSPIRE them each day and help them to rise to the challenges that they come to... I am a TEACHER!
And if YOU are a TEACHER you do the same thing each day and
that is why Office Depot is celebrating and giving back to

Office Depot gave me some goodies to help them spread the word about their Teachers Change Lives campaign { #teacherschangelives} and there is a goodie for you at the end....Keep reading!

Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher...ALWAYS.  I have never wanted to be anything else.  On Sunday mornings, my dad would take me to the local stationary store so he could get his Sunday paper and he would always let me pick something to buy as a treat.  Chocolate or candy...NOPE!  I would choose crayons, markers, highlighters, fun colored pens...anything school supply related so I could come home and play school...and now I get to do this EVERY DAY for REAL :)

Check out the F.U.N. goodies Office Depot sent me.... EEEEK!
I am like a kid again :) kiddos LOVE them..and so do I!  We use highlighters almost every day during reading groups to highlight bold words, definitions, important facts, and especially when we do our Close Reading activities to show where we find the answers in the text.

Next up...EXPO.  Yep, I LOVE these too!  I am a dry-erase teacher.  My students use independent dry-erase boards everyday.  I use them during reading groups AND during math groups.  We write down the connections we make about the texts we are reading and I always use them for quick checks during math.  Sometimes at the end of a math lesson, I will do a quick review and throw out some questions for them to solve on their white boards using their dry-erase markers and then when they complete the questions, they hold them under their chin to show their answers.  It's quick, easy, FUN, green (no wasted paper), and efficient!

Next up...SHARPIES!  If you are a teacher.  I am sure you are OBSESSED love can you not!  The colors, the perfect tips that allow you to write beautifully...heaven I tell ya!
I use my Sharpies to make my name tags for my students desks and I also use them for my anchor charts during lessons.  There are sooooooo many colors to choose a kid in a candy store :)

Paper Mate FLAIRS.... These are the ONLY markers that I use for grading papers!  I don't always use red!  I love using the blue and green for marking papers as well.  Sometimes my students use these flairs while they are proofreading their writing and will write their edit marks for capitalization, spelling, grammar, and punctuation so when they are writing their final drafts they SEE where they need to make their edits for the final draft.

Pens...gotta love them! These Inkjoy pens are my new OBESESSION! They write and glide across the page beautifully!  I LOVE to write in my planbook using different colored helps me to stay organized by subject and it is just "pretty" and what kind of elemetary school teacher would I be if I didn't like to write my lesson plans in specific colors :)  These pens are AWESOME!!!!  They write very smoothly...a teacher's dream!

Kid in a candy store....that's what I am when it comes to new school supplies and Office Depot does it right.  They have wonderful deals during this Back to School time and they have a SPECIAL DEAL just for Y.O.U.!

Some special discounts just for YOU, click HERE!!!

Thank You for stopping by my blog today to learn a bit about how Office Depot is celebrating ALL that TEACHERS DO each day and how they change and enrich the lives of their students.

And Y.O.U. are one of them...You enrich and change the lives of the students you touch each day with your words, lessons, and care....You ROCK and Office Depot agrees!

and you are part of that!  Be PROUD!

Thank you to Office Depot for giving me the opportunity to take part in this incredible campaign to celebrate teachers!  

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I received these products to help facilitate this review and was compensated by Office Depot for my time. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hi Everyone!
Have you heard about the upcoming TPT One Day  Bonus Sale????

Well…the sale is approaching quickly!!!  All of our stores will be on sale and when you enter the discount code you can get resources much cheaper!!!

I am teaming up with some great teacher bloggers to bring you a blog hop featuring one of my best selling products.  I want to give you a closer look and a FREEBIE to try out with your class.

Here are my blogging friends that are taking part in this fun little blog hop...

I used this resource with my own students last year and they LOVED it!  They loved the little tabs on the top and said they had fun making them...SCORE!  Learning, working and they are having FUN...a teacher's dream..I tell ya :)
I thought you might like to give it a try with your students!

And if you want to check it out in my TPT Shop, click the image below...

Now... head on over to Angela's blog The Daily Alphabet to check out one of her Best Sellers....

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my Math Tab-It's FREEBIE!!


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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Writing FREEBIE FUN!

Hi Friends... I don't know about you, but on the first day of school I like get my kiddos writing RIGHT AWAY!  After we get their supplies in order and get ourselves organized, I always do a read-aloud called How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mark Teague.

Click this picture to check it out on Amazon. 

After I read the story to them,  we do a sharing circle on the carpet where we share Something We Did and Somewhere  We Went so that all of the students have an opportunity to share.  This is a PERFECT springboard for our first writing activity of the year!  We will complete  The Scoop on Summer Flip Flap Book to record all of our summer memories.  It is a great way assess their writing skills, spelling skills, and cutting skills!  I found out first hand last year that kids have trouble cutting...what in the world.... I nipped that one in the bud with my flip flap books.  They were cutting machines by the end of the year :)

My friend Corinna over at Surfin' Through Second has already started school and I have a couple of weeks left, so she shared this picture with me!  I was SOOOOOOOO excited that she shared it with me and she said her little ones loved it.  I am a Happy Camper :)  

What's even better than that this flip flap book is a FREEBIE in my TPT Shop!  
Click the image below to download your free copy!

I hope you enjoy using it with your students this year!


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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Work on Writing and Daily 5

Hi Friends.. I hope this post finds you all well.  I am sure that many of you are already back to school.  But I have 2 1/2 weeks left of bliss :)  I know...hate me now....but in June you are going to be in a much better place than me...LOL....I digress :)

Anywhooooo.... This will be my third year implementing Daily 5 in my classroom and let me tell you.. I LOVE it more and more every year!  My little ones have done so well with this structure during our literacy block and I have been able to accomplish SO MUCH with my guided reading groups during our rotations.

Every year I always like to re-evaluate how my classroom runs and how well the students work in my Daily 5 Stations.  As I said, they LOVE Daily 5, but I noticed that last year, many of my students became bored with the activities that I had in my Work on Writing Station.  So I promised myself that I would work on this area over the summer.   I always have a NEVER-ENDING list of things that I would like to tackle over the summer and my Work on Writing Station was top on my list.

Here is how I organize my Work on Writing Station.  

I really wanted their writing to address the CCSS and be FUN as well.  So I thought...and thought..yep...and thought some more and then it hit me!  My students LOVED my Math Tab-Its that we used in class during our Guided Math I figured...let me integrate this concept into my Work on Writing Station for our Daily 5 rotations.... AND.....

This was born....
My Writing Tab-Its for my Work on Writing Station!

Seriously.. I am in LOVE...and I know fo' sure that my students are going to love them as well!

As you know, Daily 5 is about "CHOICE" and while I believe that is extremely important to allow my students the opportunity to "choose" their writing activity, I felt that many of my students would choose the same writing activity over and over and over and over again!  So I have decided that every other week I am going to give my students a "Have To" writing activity at my Work on Writing Station.  They will have two weeks to complete one of the Writing Tab-Its that I have added to the station in addition to the other writing choices that they make.

My plan is to add a basket of books that are geared toward a specific topic like Birds or Reptiles...or a different theme that correlates to the science, social studies, or literature unit we are studying at that time.  They will have the opportunity to not only write at the Work on Writing Station, but they will also read different non-fiction books and magazines on the specific topic and conduct their research on the "Have To" writing activity. 

Here is a little "sneak peek" at the All About Birds Tab-It Booklet that my students will work on when we are learning about Owls.

This resource incorporates a variety of writing topics that all align to the Common Core State Writing Standards.  It includes Procedural Writing Tab-Its, Opinion Writing Tab-Its, Non-Fiction Animal Tab-Its, Expository Writing Tab-Its, and Story Summary Tab-Its.

So... this is how I plan on revving up the FUN in my Work on Writing Center and I CAN'T WAIT to get my kiddos into it!  I am actually excited to start school to get this going...well..I can wait a few more weeks ;)  LOL.

So...Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you check out my Writing Tab-Its to get your kiddos EXCITED about writing during your Daily 5 Station Rotations!

Click the image to check it out in my TPT Shop!


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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to School You Tube Party and Giveaway!!


I am SERIOUSLY excited (and a little bit nervous) about this post. 

You see, my blogging friends and I at the Primary Chalkboard wanted to do something BIG for back to school for you.

BIG I'm talking, BIG.

We decided to throw a party. Here is a hint.


It is a YouTube Partaaaaay! We are here sharing lots of tips -- organizational, DIY, helpful ideas-- lots of things you can do RIGHT NOW to make your back to school a little easier!

Would anyone like a....

$100 Amazon Gift Card
$100 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Card
A fabulous Michael Kors bag (you know, the one you want but can't justify spending the money for)?

I thought so.

So what do you need to do?

Did you see that?

You can EVEN gain EXTRA entries in the giveaway by watching our videos and entering our SECRET WORDS into the Rafflecopter (but I know you were going to do that anyway, so... 2 birds, 1 stone).

We will be linking up 5 new videos every day this week... so you can come back, watch, and enter every day!

Here goes.... Here is my Video Teacher Tip.. Just for you.. Please don't laugh..I beg of you!  :)

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yipppeee! HUGE SALE Comin' Your Way!

Hey there friends... Have you heard the NEWS??!!
TPT is hosting its Back to School Sitewide Sale!!!!  Woooohoooo!  This has to be my favorite sale of the year because I stock up on EVERYTHING I am going to need for the school year!

Click this image to head on over to my TPT Shop!

My entire TPT Shop will be 20% OFF plus you will get an additional 8% OFF using the code BTS14!


I wanted to show you some of my favs from my own shop :) and I hope you check them out!

Click these links below to check them out...

Second Grade Flip Flap Book

{I also have this flip flap book for 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades as well}

So I hope you have some time to check out my FAVS from my lil' ol' TPT Shop!
Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Big Hugs,
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cause and Effect & a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends...I hope this post finds you all well and rested :)  I wanted to share with you how I teach the concept of Cause and Effect in my classroom.  I just LOVE teaching about this skill to my kiddos, however, it is a somewhat difficult concept to teach.  I love teaching it so much, that I chose to have my observation this year on this topic...and my principal LOVED it!

Before I go into how I teach this concept, I found this ADORABLE video on You Tube of a class singing a Cause and Effect song that I wanted to share with you...

I am totally adding this to my bag of tricks this coming year.  

I created a new flip flap book for cause and effect that I am going to be using this year as well.  Just another way for my students to practice this skill.  Here is page explaining how I begin my unit on Cause and Effect in my class...

And for the FREEBIE....Here is my Smartboard Unit that I use to teach the concept of Cause and Effect.  If you don't have a SB, I am sooooo sorry!

And here is the flip flap book on Cause and Effect that I am going to be using with my kiddos!
I am SOOOOO EXCITED to use this with them this upcoming year!!! If you want to check it out in my TPT Shop, just click the image below...

I continue to practice the skill of Cause and Effect throughout the year using the books that we read during our read-alouds or during our guided reading groups.  They can never have too much practice with this skill!  I hope you like the Smartboard freebie and I hope it helps you teach the skill of Cause and Effect!

Thanks for stopping by!


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