Classroom Reveal 2015

Hi Friends... I am so excited to be linking up with Angie and Ashley for our Classroom Reveals today and join in on the 2getherwearebetter badwagon!

  How EXCITING!  I love looking at other teacher's classrooms and getting new ideas.  Yesterday was my first day of school so I am a little nutty right now.  So I am just going to post some pictures and edit this later with some notes on the areas in my classroom! 

My theme this year is a color scheme of black, pink, and blue....
which was completely inspired by Reagan Tunstall from 
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits! 
Thanks, Reagan!


Student Mailboxes, homework basket, sink area....

 Art Station Supplies

This is my double-sided table.  One side is the Art Station and the other side is our Work on Writing Station.

Work on Writing Station

How to draw books and different writing papers for Work on Writing.  
My Writing Tab-Its go in the top bin that is changed out each week.

 Student Book Bins

Schedules and Job Helpers

Daily 5 Board

My NEW Library Labels that I LOVE!!

I redid my ENTIRE library this year with my color scheme :)  I am a happy girl!

 Front of Classroom

These are all of my Class Pictures from my past classes that I have had in my current school.  This will be my 18th year at my school :) and my 23rd year of teaching!

My organization bins that house all of my themed materials, books, and stations.

My students' cubbies!

Word Work Station

My desk area...

My Guided Reading Bins

I have 3 Listen to Reading Stations - 6 mp3 players, 5 cd players, and an ipod that houses 40 stories that I have multiple copies of.

 YES...I actually reupholstered my ugly chair!  I am STILL in SHOCK that I did this :)

Behavior Management System and my doorway

 Math Manipulatives

This is my Guided Math Board... I have to take a new picture today :(  I overexposed the photo..OOPS!

I am so excited to join in on the fun for the 
2getherwearebetter event!

Thanks again for coming on by!  Don't forget to check out all of the classrooms below!
Have fun and Good Luck with your new school year!


Constitution Day

Hi Friends.... This year on September 17th for Constitution Day, I wanted to do something a bit different than I have done in the past.  This year, I decided to teach about Constitution Day during my Guided Reading groups by doing a close reading activity.  I felt that this was a perfect way to use a rigorous text on a wonderful topic about our history.  Prior to doing our close read on Constitution Day, I plan on showing a few short video clips about the constitution.  Here is one video that I am planning on showing....
constitution day activities

I will also use this text as well. If you click the image you can see it on Amazon.

During my Guided Reading groups, I will work on a close reading with my students on this important day in history.  We will also complete a Constitution Day Tab-Its that correlates to the close reading passage.  The students will focus on Key Details of the close reading passage by focusing on the topic of the passage and some of the main details.  The students will also engage in Vocabulary development, by using context clues and the dictionary to understand new and challenging vocabulary in the text passage.  They will also analyze the close reading passage by answering higher-level questions using text evidence from the passage.

constitution day interactive notebook

The close reading passage can be stapled inside of the Tab-Its booklet or can be glued on the adjacent page in your Interactive Notebooks.  This is the format that I have used in all of my Close Reading activities.  While these pictures show a George Washington Carver close reading, it is just to give you a frame of reference as to what the Constitution Day Close Reading will look like.

I hope you will check out my resource and help your students learn and understand the importance of this day that changed the history of our country.

constitution day activities

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Reading Street Resources for 2nd Grade

Hi Friends.... I have decided to offer my 
Pearson Reading Street Supplemental Resources for Grade 2 for 

These resources normally sell for $12.00 and today they are only $5.00!  That is a HUGE DISCOUNT  for the amount of resources in each unit!!!!  The BUNDLE normally sells for 
$60.00... TODAY ONLY... $30.00!

Check out some of my blog posts that show some of the activities that are included in these bundles:
Click the images below to check them out!

Check them out!!! 


Thanks for stopping by!


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