First Blog Post EVER!!!

Well....I did it! I set up my first blog!  I am very excited, but confused as well!  I am a pretty techy person, but this blogger thing takes a lot of getting used to and some serious understanding of HTML code.  I know a little bit of code..but definitely not enough! I am and my cute little blog Simply Skilled in Second!  I am so excited to start posting some of the things I am and will be doing in my classroom.  Many of my posts will be focused on our new reading program called Reading Street by Pearson and our new math program called Primary Mathematics which is Singapore Math!!!  I have been learning a lot and creating many new supplemental materials for these new programs to use in my classroom. 

I actually created a new product called Greater Than or Less Than Turkey Scoot that I will be using in my classroom within the next couple of weeks.  We have just touched on greater than or less than with double-digit numbers but haven't begun numbers in the hundreds yet.  Check out my new product in my TPT store.

Well...that's it for my first blog post :)  I hope you will visit again soon and often as I will be sharing many more fun activities that I will be doing with my Simply Skilled Second Graders!!!!