Daily 5....Word Work!

Daily 5.....Word Work

We have been working very hard in class to get our Daily 5 centers running smoothly.  Things have been going very well, especially with my Word Work Center.  I am so happy that it is up and running and the students LOVE going to it!  I created 10 Word Work stations that can be used over and over again throughout the year.  Most of the word work revolves around our spelling words, high frequency words, and amazing words.  Here is a picture of how I organized my Word Work Centers:

Task 1: Fun with Nouns and Verbs
Task 2:  Mystery Word Guess
Task 3:  Magnet Makers
Task 4:  Chunk Race
Task 5:  Word Race
Task 6:  Alphabet Cube Game
Task 7:  Stamp-a-Word
Task 8:  Jumbo Stamp
Task 9:  Fill in the blank Stampers
Task 10:  Magnet Puzzle Words

I am actually in the process of making a set of Word Work Tasks for my TPT store, but it's not quite ready yet.

Here are some pics of my kiddos working in their Word Work Centers:

My kiddos love going to Word Work and it was working out really well.

Here are a few freebies that I use in my Word Work Center...

Work Work Recording Sheet Alphabet Cube Game

Word Work Recording Sheet 2 Stamp a Word

Word Work Recording Sheet Jumbo Stamps

I put some of my older alphabet stamps in these centers and the kids LOVE them...maybe a little too much!  But it gets them practicing their words :)  Gotta love that :)

How are your Word Work Centers going?  What types of activities do you have the little ones doing?

That's all for now :)

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