Daily 5.....Oh Yeah!!!

Hi everyone...

I thought I would chat a little bit about Daily 5 in my classroom.  This is the first year that I have implemented it and it is finally going great!  The beginning of the year so was unbelievably overwhelming this year. A brand-new math program, the second year of our reading program Reading Street, and the CCSS and SLO's..OH MY!! And with all of this I decided to add Daily 5 into the mix...I know...I realize it now that it wasn't such a hot idea...but oh well..too late now :)

Daily 5 is actually going pretty well.  I have finally figured out a way to organize my kiddos in the correct groups and get them to different Daily 5 centers.  Actually, based on the time we have every day for Reading and Language Arts we only do Daily 3 :)  But, it's working :)

Did I mention that I have the best Teacher Assistant in the WORLD!!  She is incredible.  She can finish my sentences and knows exactly what I want, when I want it.  How lucky am I??!!!  She has only been with me about a month and a half but you would never know it.  She is great and we are very similar!  We problem-solved together and figured out the best way to accomplish our Daily 3 Rotations and do our reading groups.  It is great!!!

This is my Daily 5 Rotation Board and it is working out Great!!!  I am so excited :)

This is my Word Work Station.  I purchased this roller cart from Walmart.  I love how it looks but the drawers do get stuck every now and then..but it is definitely working out.  I have 10 Word Work Stations that the students must work through using our Spelling, High Frequency Words, and Amazing Words that are part of our Reading Street reading program.  They are all working out great :)  I am planning on uploading some of my Word Work Stations in my TPT store soon....so stay on the look out for them.

Anywhooooo...I am truly lovin my Daily 3 Rotations and it is going very well.  If you haven't read the book, I suggest getting it. It really works.
The Daily 5.  I actually purchased in on my ipad because I didn't want to wait for the book in the mail...can you say impatient and impulsive..yep...that's me :)

That's all for now...have a great night :)