Reading, Math, and a Hurricane named Sandy has definitely been difficult these last ten days.  We didn't have any power or a generator so we had to move out of our house for a bit and now we don't have INTERNET!!!  This might just be even worse than not having any power!!!  What am I going to do without any internet for 10 more days!!!!!!!
:( Anywooooooo...

On to school....

We have been busy...busy...busy working through our Reading Street weekly units and working through Singapore Math Program.

In reading this week we worked on A Walk in the Desert during our Reading and Language Arts block.  We read about the desert and learned some Amazing Words and High Frequency Words.  We read about the Saguaro Cactus and did a Expository Non-Fiction writing piece about the cactus.  We wrote our facts about the saguaro cactus on our graphic organizers and then wrote a rough copy of our paragraph in our Writer's Notebook.  After we edited our work, we wrote a good copy of our paragraph and cut out and decorated cactuses for the bulletin board.  Didn't my kiddos do a great job!!  They really enjoyed learning about the desert.

We also worked on our High Frequency Words Mini-Book for this unit and learned about Interrogative and Declarative Sentences.

High Frequency Word Mini-Book

Declarative and Interrogative Sentences Flip-Book

If you are interested in any of these products, check out my supplemental activity kit for
A Walk in the Desert at my TPT store.

In math, we have been working diligently on our Singapore Math Program. This is a brand new program for us this year so we are learning right along with the children.  I am having so much fun though making new activities for my kiddos to work on.
Today we played Place Value Scoot.  I filled 20 zip-lock bags with popsicle sticks and numbered each bag.  Each child had a bag of sticks, rubberbands, a Place Value Workmat, tens and ones stampers and a Place Value Scoot Recording Sheet.  They had a BLAST!!!!!!  At first I thought it was going to be a disaster with the rubberbands, but they did a FABO job :) I was really impressed and it got them up and moving...which they NEED to do :)
They are really getting good at decomposing numbers and understanding the part, part, whole concept that we have been working on.  I am going to add this to my TPT store as soon as my Internet comes back on at home :(
Well...I guess that is it for now :)  Come back soon to check out some of the new things that I will be making to supplement our second grade
Reading Street Program by Pearson.
Hugs to all :)

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