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I am a excited!!!  Not only do I have a Teachers Pay Teachers Shop...But now I am also the proud owner of my very own Teacher's Notebook Shop as well!  I am so excited that I am running a 20% off SALE on everything in my Teacher's Notebook Shop!!

Check it out!!!!


  1. Do you put the same things you have in your Teachers Pay Teachers store that you do in your Teachers Notebook shop, and vice versa? I have a TpT store, and would like to start a Teachers Notebook (I love that you get 100% of your sale), but am not sure if thats what people do

  2. Hi Rae..I just opened it today and yes...I did put the same items in my Teacher's Notebook store. I was kind of thinking that maybe some people don't know about TPT so I thought I would venture out and see what happens :) LOL



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