Fun Stuff and BREAK!!

Well we have been working hard in class these last few weeks reading, working on Singapore Math, and practicing our Daily 5 centers.  Two of my little kiddos who are really strong in math were done pretty quickly with our pulled them over to my desk and gave them my Radical Reindeer Mathematician Unit.  They LOVED it!!!!   I was so excited that they were having so much fun with it.  When they finished, one of them said to me, "Mrs. DiGilio...can you make more of these activities?  It was fun!"  So I told him sure and he was on his way :)  Tooooo cute!  Here is a quick picture of the two of them deep in conversation about the possible answers to the Number Mystery Clues :)

You can check out my Radical Reindeer Mathematician Unit in my TPT store.

I am so excited because tomorrow I am going to use my Penguin Math Centers with my whole class.  I decided that we will do a center rotation of all math activities tomorrow so the children will practice the skills that we have been working on in class and they will have fun at the same time :)  I can't wait!  I laminated all of the pieces today, copied my recording sheets and I am ready to rock!!  Woohoo!!!'s holiday break!!!!  So excited I can't take it.  I want to wake up late and drink my coffee leisurely in the morning....ahhhhh.  So excited :)

Ooh!  I almost forgot.  I made a Holiday Measurement Unit Freebie.  Here is the can download it for free on my TPT store.



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