Valentine's Day with Mr. Hatch

Hi Everyone...I am so excited for Valentine's Day to get here because I get to read my 
ALL TIME FAVORITE book called...
Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
Eileen Spinelli

Whenever I read this book to my students I get such a wonderful feeling inside and it just makes me happy!  I have been reading this book for years in my second grade classroom, so I decided to create a fun and interactive lesson and craftivity for my favorite book.

Check out Mr. Hatch!  Isn't he just adorable!  I literally can't wait for my kiddos to make him and celebrate Valentine's Day.  I added three different comprehension skills in this unit.  Character Traits, Summarizing with Beginning, Middle, and End, and Sequencing the events in the story with a heart-shaped accordion book.
This year I am going to focus on Character Traits for this story and teach a mini-lesson on supporting your character trait conclusions with Text-Based support as evidence to support their claim.  I can't wait to try  it out. They will create Mr. Hatch and the heart-shaped cut-out.  Inside the heart, they will add "Chocolate Candy Character Traits" and they will use their text-based evidence to support their ideas.  

If you are interested in purchasing my unit featuring Mr. Hatch, head on over to my TPT store to get a hold of it :)


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