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Place Value with Snowmen

Hi Everyone...

Today was a fun day because I was so excited for my little kiddos to work on my Snow Much Fun Place Value Unit.  I couldn't wait until they were ready to work on these skills and boy did they work..but they had fun too :)

Normally, I would put activities like this in my math centers, but I decided to change things up a bit and have a Fun Day of Scoot with 3 different activities.  They really did rise to the occasion...and I was very impressed.

We did Build a Snowman Expanded Form with decomposition of numbers, we did Build and Add a Snowman with Two-digit numbers and we also did Build and Add a Snowman with three-digit numbers.

Here is a picture of one of my little kiddos building his snowmen and then writing the expanded form of the number and the decomposition of the number using a triple number bond.

Build a Snowman with Expanded Form

This is where they first must build the snowman on their workmat matching the number on the hat with the hundreds, tens and ones blocks on the other parts of the snowman...they were too cute putting them together :)

Build and Add a Snowman with Two-Digit Numbers

The next two activities they had to build the snowmen and then add the two addends.

Build and Add a Snowman with Three-Digit Numbers

It really was a Fun Snowy Day in my classroom today :)  Even though we don't have any snow outside..LOL

They really enjoyed themselves and I loved to see they are remembering and applying the skills we are learning.

If you are interested in purchasing this unit, check it out on my TPT store :)

Well...that's all for today :)

Hugs to all...


  1. I bought this from you over the big TPT sale last month! We used it for the first time today!! I just had them put the snowmen puzzles during center time! I plan on adding a new activity from your pack over the next few days to our daily centers! Just thought I'd share that I started using it today too! :)


  2. Hi Marcy...Oh..that is sooooo sweet! That is too funny we both did it on the same day :) I hope your little kiddos liked it :) I didn't use the greater than or less than activity in the kit because they have that skill I only did the three above. Thank you so much for supporting me, my blog, and my TPT are so sweet!!!


  3. They did like it! I'll let you know how the rest of it goes! Thanks for all of your hard work! :)



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