End of the Year ACTIVITY

I don't know about you, but my school year ends at the end of June..But I have been thinking about it for a very long time for about a week or so ;) and decided I better get on the ball and put together my End of the Year activity.  I have always done some type of little scrapbook with my kiddos where they write about certain things that we did throughout the year and then they just illustrate it.  It was fun, but I want to do something a little different this year...AND if you have been reading my little ol' blog at all, you know that I have a HUGE OBESESSION a little bit of love for Lapbooks lately.  They are just so fun to make and my kiddos ADORE them :)  So I whipped one up for the end of the year and I think I am in love :)

This is what the cover will look like...But I am going to add a picture of myself with my little ones on the cover for a keepsake :)

This is what the lapbook will look like when it's opened.  I printed my flip-flap books in color but I have black and white versions for my little ones to color.  Each flip-flap book has lines inside of them where the students will write.  I am just totally lovin' this one :)  And I think my kiddos are going to love it too! 

If you want to take a look at this unit, check it out in my TPT Store when you get a chance :) Just click the image below to get there!

What activity do you love to do at the end of the year?  
If you comment below, I will pick 2 people who will win a copy of this unit!  WOOOOHOOO!! Don't forget to leave your e-mail addy!

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Thanks again for stopping by :)

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