A Flip-Flap Fascination and an IDEA!!!

Hi Everyone.... I'm sitting here on the couch with my little one while he sleeps...He gashed his eyebrow open this morning at school and needed 12 stitches!  OUCH!  It was not a pretty sight, but he didn't even flinch..he is such a trooper!!!  So, while I am sitting here watching him sleep and think about how adorable he is, I thought I would tell you about my newest addiction or fascination...

Let's call it....

Flip-Flap Fascination!!!!

I think I may be completely OBSESSED! It's kind of like my chocolate addiction...I can't eat just one piece of chocolate...I keep going...and going...and going..and that's what has transpired with my Flip-Flap Book fascination :)

So I thought I would share my newest creations..AND would love to hear some of your ideas for my next one.  I love when teachers say...oh..this would be cute and then and idea pops in my head and that's the end of it....I'm hooked until I finish it :)

 So..if any of these catch your eye, head on over to my TPT Store for the HUGE Teacher Appreciation Sale TODAY and TOMORROW!  Up to 30% off of everything item in my store :)
I hope you have some time to check it out!

Now....Do you have an idea for a Flip-Flap Book I can make??  If so, leave a comment below and I will pick two winners to win their choice of my newest flip-flap books.

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