Primary Chalkboard is LIVE !!

Hello my wonderful friends... I hope this post finds you all well and rested....well...maybe not rested as I am sure many of you are back to work already.  Me...I have 2 more blissful weeks before my life become CHAOTIC again :)  

But today I have a H.U.G.E ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!  
I am so excited about this...that I literally cannot contain myself!


I, along with 19 other INCREDIBLE and AMAZING 1st & 2nd Grade Teachers...Bloggers...and Teacher Authors have joined forces to launch....

The Primary Chalkboard

We are all soooooooo excited for our new Collaborative Blog that we have put together some incredible Back to School Goodies for you!  We have created The Primary Chalkboard's Back to School Survival Kit which has 20 AWESOME and CREATIVE activities to implement your first week of school AND 20 Beyond helpful Teacher Tips!

Head on over to our New Collaborative Blog and don't forget to follow us to keep getting our updates!


Hugs and thanks for stopping by!
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