Daily 5 Update...Lots of Pics!

Hi again friends....

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and update you on our Daily 5 journey.  Things are going smashingly well during Daily 5!!  I am sooooooo happy!  We have already hit our 20 minutes of Read to Self stamina...Can I get a WOOT WOOT!

I wanted to show you the posters that we make as I introduce a new Daily 5 choice.  I found these AWESOME freebies from Mrs. Jones' Creation Station on TPT and I blew them up to poster size (24 x 36) and had them printed up by Vistaprint...expensive....a bit...But I laminated them so I am good to go for years to come!

 We haven't completed our Work on Writing or Read to Someone icharts yet...but we will!

I also added this ichart to the mix!  I will be using Guided Math this year in my classroom so I am going to be creating an ichart for what I should see and hear during Guided Math Stations.  Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts about Guided Math!

I always begin Daily 5 with Read to Self, then I introduce Listen to Reading, then Word Work, then Work on Writing, and last is Read to Someone.  I just don't think they can handle the behaviors that I want to see with Read to Someone early on...so I leave that until last :)

I think my favorite Daily 5 center is Listen to Reading.  I poured my heart and soul into my Listening Centers (PLURAL) this year!  I spent the better part of my summer transferring my cassette tapes into mp3 file for my iPods (well...they are mp3 players that look like ipods for a FRACTION of the price).

I have 7 ipods and 6 individual CD players.  Here are my six iPod Listen to Reading stations...

Here is a close-up of what is in each Listen to Reading basket.  I have 15 books in each basket and I put all 15 books on the iPods.  I have 7 different colored iPods for my Listen to Reading station.  I put an ipod and a list of the 15 books that are on each ipod.  When I introduced how to use the ipods, we worked in groups of 4 or 5 and I showed them how to use them and how to get to the story they wanted to read.  
I CANNOT believe HOW MUCH EASIER THIS IS THAN CASSETTE TAPES!!!!!!!!  DID YOU HEAR/READ THAT!  LOL  This is a walk in the park compared to the antiquated cassette tapes!

I purchased these iPods from a seller on ebay for about $16.00 each..YEP!  That is it!!!!!  Perfect!

Then I have my real ipod that I no longer use for my group listening center.  I have a ton of multiple copy books that I add to this center and put the audio on my iPod.

I purchased this fun little adapter from Amazon and now I can have 5 students reading at once.  I have 6 copies of each of the books that you see above.  Did I tell you that I L.O.V.E. Listen to Reading!

If you want to get your hands on one of these adapters, click the link below to get your hands on it from Amazon...

When my students finish Listen to Reading during our Daily 5 Rotation, they must complete a written assignment in their Listen to Reading Journal..  Click the image below to get your Listen to Reading Journal FREEBIE!

Well....That's about it for now!  I will be doing another blog post when I introduce Work on Writing and Read to Someone...so keep on the lookout!

Until then...


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