My First Week of School with PICS :)

Hi Friends...Don't you just LOVE Sunday mornings?!  Everyone is sleeping, the house is quiet, and I get to have a yummy cup of coffee before the hustle and bustle of the day begins :)  So while I have this quiet time, I thought I would tell you about my first week of school :)

I have 22 second graders and they are truly sweet!  They are great and quick workers, too.  I couldn't believe how quickly they were getting through all of my first week activities!  I actually completed ALL...did you hear that...ALL of my plans!  That is a first :)

Here are some of the fun things we did this week.

We started the first day with our routines, organizing supplies and we worked on 

My First Day of Second Grade Flip-Flap Book.  Honestly, I COULD NOT believe how well they did with their first flip-flap book!  I didn't have ONE CHILD make a mistake and cut something wrong! is going to be a good year!  Here are some of the pictures I took of them working on it...

The last week of school we will do the next part of this project that says The Last Day of School.  This project will show the parents the growth in their writing skills and how much they have grown physically because there is a photograph on the last page of both books.  The parents are going to LOVE THEM!

This is an example of the Last Day of Second Grade Flip-Flap Book from last year.

If you are interested in trying this out with your little ones, I have them for Grades 1-4.  Just click the pics below...

Next Up....All About Me!  They are doing a fantastic job on my lapbook as well.  Oh my gosh...they are soooooooo cute!  I cannot wait to display them on Back to School Night.  The parents are going to L.O.V.E. them.

Here are some of the pieces that I caught pics of...
These are the little tag inserts for 
A Pocketful of My Favorite Things

This was TOOOOO much fun!  The students worked together and did a Measuring Me activity with a partner.  It was so cute!  We did a little mini-lesson on the carpet on how to use a tape measure and they worked so nicely together.

I wish I could post some pics of my little ones working together, but I can't :(  Boo-Hoo...

Here is the My Home Flip Flap House.

This is the Timeline of My Life Flip Flap.

If you want to check out my All About Me Lapbook you can click the image below...

OH...and Daily 5 is going AMAZINGLY WELL!  We are up to 15 minutes of Read to Self Stamina!  Woooohoooo!  I will be posting more about my Daily 5 adventures as the year progresses!

Thanks for stopping by :)


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