Rural, Urban, and Suburban...OH MY!

Hee Hee....I got a giggle from my title :)  

Sunday morning again....
Pancakes for the kids..Check
Hot yummy coffee...Check
Comfy sweatshirt and socks..Check
E-mail and Facebook..Check

And NOW for my Sunday morning blog post :)

This week, my little second graders have accomplished A LOT!  They are a really great group of kiddos and most of them are quick workers!  I have a couple of stragglers...but they can hustle through their work and I am getting pretty good quality out of them!

This week we are beginning our unit on Communities.

I ALWAYS start my Communities lesson with the most fabulous book E.V.E.R

The Little House
(Click this link above to get it on Amazon)

This is the most precious story with the most beautiful illustrations and it does a fabulous job of demonstrating how communities change over time and the wonders of each type of community!

After I read the story, we brainstorm as a class what we see and hear in each type of community and make a Triple-T Chart (oops..forgot to take a picture)  I will add a pic tomorrow :)

Then I show them our new Rural, Urban, and Suburban Lapbook we are going to make and they get sooooooooo excited!  Don't you just love when they get excited about learning :)

We started with our Rural and Urban Flip-Flap Matchbooks.  We all live in a suburban community so I wanted them to first write about the communities they do not live in.  Here are some samples of their work...

This is the inside of the Rural Flip-Flap Matchbook.

This is the inside of the Urban Flip-Flap Matchbook.

We still have a bunch of Flip-Flap Books to complete over the next week or so until our lapbook is complete.   Here is a picture of my sample that I show my little ones...

I can't wait to see their finished products!  They are going to be too cute!

This unit aligns PERFECTLY with our first story in our Pearson Reading Street Series called The Twin Club.

We are beginning our first unit in Reading Street tomorrow!  I love the story of The Twin Club.  Keep on the lookout for all of the activities that I will be doing during each unit of Reading Street!

If you are interested in using my Rural, Urban, and Suburban Lapbook in your classroom, check out my link below to get to my TPT Shop to pick it up!  If you started Reading Street this year, I also have Supplemental Resources for Unit 1 and Unit 2 in my TPT Shop as well!  I hope they make your life a little easier while implementing the can definitely be overwhelming..but fun once you get your feet wet....and organized :)

Well....that's all for today friends!  I wish you a wonderful week with your little ones!  Try and find a few minutes to relax this week!  It's important to think about yourself and get some "YOU" time!


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