BLAST OFF to our Outer Space Unit!

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..BLAST OFF!

That's how we started our day today :)  This week we are reading the story called Exploring Space with an Astronaut in our Reading Street series.  This has to be my favorite story to read and teach all year!  They get so involved and excited about it!

Today we read our story together, discussed the various jobs that astronauts do, and brainstormed a list of words that would describe an astronaut while we were on the carpet.  Then I pulled this out...

I swear.. I am not lying when I tell you they all said......OH Wow!!!!!!!! We are "gonna" make that?  Three of my little ones even clapped!  How excited am I as a teacher that they were excited to learn about space and then actually write about it!  
I was allllll kinds of giddy!

So I have actually made 2 different Space Flip-Flap Books.  The one that I do with our Reading Street story is DIFFERENT than the Space Flip-Flap Book in my other unit called The Moon and Space Flip Flap Books.   I wanted my Space flip-flap book to incorporate the writing and comprehension questions from the Pearson Reading Street series.

Here are some photos of their work today....

I have to tell you....They LOVED it!  They were so excited!

Here is the bulletin board...

So if you use Reading Street and want your Space Flip-Flap Book to align with the story, you can purchase my Reading Street Unit by clicking the image below.  

If you just teach about SPACE and you want to use this flip-flap book, click the image below..

Check out what we are doing Friday.....

Yep...Astronaut Ice Cream...a little dehydrated ice cream, a fun little pictograph to go with it, and a paragraph about eating in space!  A very fun week :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


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