Fire Prevention Week

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Do you teach about Fire Prevention? Are you gearing up and getting those plans ready to help your students stay safe and learn what to do if there is a fire? If so, read on!

I created a Stop, Drop, and Roll Flip-Flap Book that I completed with my students and they LOVED it!  I actually didn't complete ours during Fire Prevention Week because we read a story in our Reading Street series called Firefighter, so we completed our flip-flap books during that unit.  They really had a great time and enjoyed making them.

fire safety activities

What I love about this unit is that it can be used in a variety of ways.  You can have each student make their own Stop, Drop, and Roll flip-flap books, you could put the students in cooperative groups of 3 children and have each child complete one word in the Stop, Drop, and Roll flip-flap book set, or I even added a fourth flip-flap book that says "FIRE."  This flip-flap book is a bit easier than the other three that I created to help you differentiate your instruction for children who need a modified version of the activity you are working on.

My kiddos did a FABO job!  I was so happy with the outcome.  Take a look at some of their work...

This is the STOP flip-flap book...
(They had to write what do to if their clothes were on fire, they labeled a firefighter's gear, and they described a firefighter using adjectives.)

This is the DROP flip-flap book...
(They had to draw and label 2 things that could start a fire, write if they would like to be a firefighter or not and whether they would want to be one or not, and find some fire related words in a word find.)

This is the ROLL flip-flap book...
(They had to write what they should do if a fire starts in their house, make words using the word "firefighters," compare and contrast a firefighter to themselves on a venn diagram.)

And...drum roll please....The FINISHED PRODUCT!

I didn't use the FIRE flip-flap book because I felt that my little kiddos would be able to handle all three books well....and they did!  The whole activity took about 2 one hour blocks.  I had two little stragglers that took and extra hour but that was the case with everything I did this year :)  But we all ended up with an AWESOME Fire Prevention Week poster when we were done!

Another fun little tidbit is to send one of the posters to your local fire department!  They would LOVE it!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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