It's all about STATES OF MATTER!

It's all about Matter!  
That's what's it's all about today on my lil' ol' blog :)  I created this Matter Flip-Flap book from a request that I received from a "bloggy friend."   I taught Matter to my second graders for about 13 years and then they changed our science curriculum and they took the topic of Matter out of second grade...{insert sad face here}!  I loved teaching about Matter and doing different experiments in my classroom.  I think my favorite experiment was making oobleck with my little ones and reading the story Bartholomew and the Oobleck!  It was always one of the highlights of my year and now I don't get to do it anymore.  So when I received a request to make a Matter Flip-Flap Book, I jumped at the chance and I was so happy with the end result.  My great blogging buddy, Melissa from Common Core and So Much More, did my Matter Flip-Flap Books with her third graders and she said they L.O.V.E.D. I.T.!  Boy was I excited that it was "Kid-Approved"....those are the most important approvals that I look for!  Melissa was such a sweetie and sent me some photos of her 3rd graders working on my States of Matter Flip-Flap Book so I thought I would share some of them with you today.....

If you are interested in checking out my States of Matter Flip-Flap Book, click the image below to check it out in my TPT Store!

And if you have some time, check out Melissa's blog, 
Common Core and So Much More!
She is an INCREDIBLE teacher, has a wonderful blog, and creates some ROCKIN' teacher resources!

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