Animals, Biomes, and HOLIDAYS..OH MY! and a Math FREEBIE!

Hi Friends...I don't know about you....but BOY OH BOY...I am super busy!  I truly need at least another 10 hours in EACH day in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done!

Unfortunately, I don't get an extra 10 some things have to go to the wayside..sadsville :(

But, I did want to share with you some of my newest units that I have created recently just in case you were looking for something new to do with you little ones :)

I just finished my Biomes of the World Flip Flap Book bundle which as 6 flip flap books in it that touch on 6 different land biomes.  I focused on The Forest, The Tundra, The Taiga, The Grassland, The Desert and The Rainforest.  Each flip flap book allows for the students to research the Biome's weather, temerature, plant/tree life, and animal life and organize their facts.  I even included Map Skills in each flip flap book.   Here is a picture of each of the books.  If you click the picture, it will take you to my TPT shop if you want to pick it up :)

Here is another unit that I have had sooooooo many requests for and it is finally done and uploaded!  These flip flap books are to write about the different animal group classifications.  It allows for the students to research the different animals in that group to practice their expository writing.

I am SOOOOOO excited about this one!  I have wanted to create a Holidays Around the World flip flap book forever and I just finished it up last night.  This unit has a bit of a twist in it because I added tri-fold Travel Brochures for each country that the children will travel to.  This will help with their writing for each country.

It is is adorbs!!!!  I am so excited to create it with my little ones. that you are updated on some of my latest creations, I wanted to just share a freebie with you that I have been using in my class.  We are working on double-digit and triple digit addition with and without regrouping for the past couple of weeks.  In my district, our math program is called Primary Mathematics which is Singapore Math.  This program expects children to have a very strong understanding of numbers and numeracy.  We teach addition using decomposition of numbers.  I have attached a few printables that I use with my class when I am teaching this skill.
Here are a couple of pics of my little ones' work!

Here is the FREEBIE of the above pages and some other math printables that I use when I am just beginning to teach addition with the decomposition method.

When I am in my Guided Math group rotations, I always have activities in my math stations that are directly related to the skills we are working on in class.  Here are some pics of my students working in math stations this week....

They are working on my Penguin Math Stations.  If you are interested in checking these out, click the link below...

Before you go...Here are a couple of my other units that I have created in the last few month...just in case your interested :)


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