Happy SNOW DAY 20% OFF Winter Fun Math Stations

Hi Friends...Guess What???!!!   I have a SNOW DAY TODAY!  Can I get a Woot-Woot!!!  Yipppeee!  I love snow days.  I always stay in my pjs, drink coffee, and just veg out!  Best days of the year!  

So I decided to have a bit of a WINTER FUN DAY on my blog and in my TPT shop today!  I am throwing a 20% OFF SALE on a few of my WINTER RESOURCES!

One of my favorite resources that I use in my Guided Math Stations is my Snow Much Fun Place Value resource and my Penguin Math Centers.  My kiddos just ADORE them and they are having so much fun with them during our Math Station Rotations!

Here are a few pics of my little ones working on my Snow Much Fun Place Value stations....

Here are my little ones working on my Penguin Math Stations...

I also decided to add in my Radical Reindeer Mathematician Unit and my Penguins Flip Flap Book to keep with the Snow Day theme today!

My Radical Reindeer Mathematicians Unit is so much fun for Math Stations.  I always have my students partner up to help each other as this station is a bit more challenging.  They include Mystery Clues for numbers on the hundreds chart.  It includes clues using odd and even, doubling digits, and adding digits to figure out the Mystery Number.  My students LOVED it!

So I hope you are all having a FABULOUS DAY and don't forget to head on over to my TPT Shop to pick up some of my Winter Goodies for 20% OFF!!!!