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Here is an old Blog Post that I did about my Guided Reading Flip Flap Books...

We have been working through the Common Core State Standards using my Guided Reading Flip-Flap Books and my little ones LOVE THEM...when I whip out another flip-flap book, I hear them say...." cute. I love this one!" and another one of my kiddos said to me.."You make the cutest things..I hope when I become a teacher I can make these too!" They melt my heart when they say things like this :)

I have created Flip-Flap Books that align with each Common Core State Standard.

One of the first flip-flap books we did was on a story called Scarcity..kind of boring..BUT they loved making the little layered book! We talked about the difference between a Main Idea and a Topic and the difference between Facts and Details. They created their little layered books all about Scarcity.

We also worked on Author's Purpose, Cause and Effect, and Comparing and Contrasting Topics. For our Author's Purpose activity, we read a book called Dotty's Art and they created A Pocket Full of Author's Purpose. They wrote about the Author's purpose and how they knew what the purpose of the story was.

We worked on Cause and Effect and created a small file folder flip-flap book. We brainstormed different cause and effect relationships from the story and then they wrote about one of them in the file folder and illustrated it.
This past week we were working on Comparing and Contrasting Topics. We read a book called Arachnid or Insect? We compared and contrasted arachnids and insects using our Explosion Book Venn Diagram....can I tell you the OOOOHHS and AAAHHHHS I got from my little ones...they thought they were so cool they way they "exploded"...such fun and the really learned a lot about comparing and contrasting arachnids and insects.

This is the explosion book closed...

This is the explosion book opened...

We add all of our Guided Reading Flip-Flap Books to our Lapbook. My students
write the title of each book that we read during our guided reading group time on the cover.
I have one for girls and one for boys...

Here is what a sample Guided Reading Lapbook might look like when it is complete...

Check out the adorable ipod sequencing flip-flap book..

So...If you have read this ENTIRE Blog Post...Thank You and here is a little freebie for you...

This is a Blank Layered flip-flap book for notebooking or lapbooks.

If you would like to check out my Guided Reading Flip-Flap Books, 
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Well...that's all for now :) 

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