Valentines...Hundredth Day..& FREEBIES !!!!

Hi friends...I don't know about you,  but for me, January FLEW by...holy cannoli! I cannot even believe it!  Since February is right around the corner, I started to chart out my February plans and get things organized and ready for some F.U.N.!  First, I wanted to get things organized for Valentine's Day.  I can't wait for this day only because I get to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK EVERRRRRRRR!  Have you ever read the book Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli?  Well...if you haven't you MUST!  This has to be the sweetest story ever with such an endearing main character, Mr. Hatch.  This book lends itself so well, to character traits, summarizing with beginning, middle, and end, cause and effect relationships...gosh...I can use this book for a month's worth of lessons...LOL. Click below to check out this book on Amazon!

After I share this wonderful story with my kiddos, I teach a lesson on Character Traits and providing proof or evidence to support the trait they believe the main character possesses..can you say Common Core...Uh-huh!  :)  Then we make Mr. Hatch and a heart-shaped box for our "Chocolate Candy Character Traits!"
Check out Mr. Hatch....isn't he just ADORABLE!!!
Click this image above to head over to my TPT shop to check it out!

This has to be one of my VERY favorite activities and books I do every year!  After we get our language arts students will create an 
"I Love You" Flip Flap Book for their parents for Valentine's Day :)   If you would like to have your students make one, click the image below for your Flip-Flap FREEBIE!!!!  

I don't know about you...but we celebrate the 100th Day of School towards the end of February.  One activity that I LOVE to use with my second graders is by allowing them to "SPEND $100"...well...virtually spend it :)  I let them go "book shopping" and I allow them to cut apart the Scholastic Book order forms and use a calculator to calculate their total amount spent until they reach $100 exactly.  I do a mini-lesson on how to use a calculator and they are on their way.  They absolutely LOVE this activity and it keeps their little heads and hands busy on this fun day :)  If you are interested in this, click the image below to grab another FREEBIE from me today :)

Then we will of course have some Flip Flap F.U.N. on the 100th Day of School!  If you want to check out my 100th Day of School flip flap book, click the image below to check it out.

100th day of school activities

Well...that's all for now friends :)  Thanks for stopping by!


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