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Guided Math and Math Stations

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Today I would like to share with you how I incorporate Guided Math and Math Stations in my classroom during my math block.  This was actually my first year implementing Guided Math and I have to say that I LOVE it, but it is a lot of work to get it going and to run smoothly!  But now that it is going, we are really getting a lot accomplished and it truly allows me to quickly see who is having difficulty with the skill we are learning.
{You will see lots of pictures as you read through the post}

I guess I will start with WHY I implemented a Guided Math approach in my classroom.  I work in a very affluent school district and expectations are extremely high for teachers and students.  We are expected to challenge our advanced students, who are at times well above grade level, and we are expected to work one-on-one with our struggling learners to help them meet the yearly benchmarks. Not an easy task!  The reason I implemented Guided Math this year was because over the past sixteen years in my district, I have noticed a trend where some students were capable of learning and applying higher-level math skills than what I was instructing each day; in short, I was not differentiating my instruction came... Guided Math.

I read a couple of books, scoured the internet and then found
Stephanie's blog called Third Grade Thoughts...UMM..this girlie is Fab-U-lous!!! I learned a TON of information through her blog!  She is the bomb-diggity in my opinion :)

So my quest began!  I started implementing this approach by first getting everything organized.  I knew I would have 3 Rotations.

The rotations were Teacher Feature, Workbook Nook. and Elation Stations.  I would meet with each group for 20 minutes and then rotate groups.

This photo {names are blocked} is what I have posted in my room for the rotations.  When we begin the guided math rotations for the day, my Blue Group works on the Lesson Work from the day prior.  Which means, the Blue Group will be taught a lesson, yet not practice the skill until the next day during the first rotation that they are in Workbook Nook.  My Yellow Group goes to Elation Stations first and my Pink Group works with me in Teacher Feature first.

I pre-assess my students with each new unit that I begin.  I created math assessments for each common core math standard.  They are very useful to me because it clearly deliniates which area my students are struggling with or excelling in.  I also always give a pre-test and a post-test.

These groups change based on the results of my unit 
pre-assessments.  My Pink group is my group that needs a bit more of my attention in regards to the particular skill I am teaching.  The Yellow group has a decent handle on the information, but require direct instruction.  My Blue group are advanced in the particular unit of study that we are working on and require more of a challenge within this unit.

This is the anchor chart that I complete with my students prior to beginning our Guided Math Rotations.  They match my Daily 5 Charts so some of the expectations and behaviors are consistent throughout math and reading.

This is how I organize my Math Stations.  Each drawer has 2 clear envelopes (from the dollar store) labeled with the same numbers that are also on the drawer.  There are 20 different Math Station Activities in this drawer unit at a specific time which accounts for about a month or two of Guided Math Rotations.  I do not do Guided Math everyday.  As I mentioned, this is my first year implementing it, so I am gradually working up to an every day model.  Each activity has a recording sheet, but doesn't necessarily have to.  My students also have a check-off sheet that matches each activity number and drawer.

This is the recording sheet that my students use to keep track of the Math Stations they have completed. I have two of these on one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

If a student completes their Math Station before the 20 minutes is up for the rotation, they work on a Math Journal Prompt and then Math Fact Fluency activities until the chime rings.  They use Beat the Clock Books from Lakeshore and Hot Dots to practice their Math Fact Fluency.

They complete their Math Journal prompt in black and white {well blue and white in this case} marble notebooks that my wonderful hubby cut in half for me :)  Gotta love him :)

Here is one in progress....

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me teaching...because I don't have a TA in my here are some pictures of my little ones working in their Math Stations.

So...this is basically how I run my Guided Math program in a nutshell :)  I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful in some way.

Now..take some time to HOP on over to Callie's blog called Teach-A-Roo
for some cool things to do with Duck's a DIY post...gotta love 'em!

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Here is a link to Guided Math & Math Stations {Part 2}

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Cyndie at Chalk One Up for the Teacher said...

I am marking this post to refer back to often. This is on my list of things to do this upcoming year. Thank you soooo much for sharing. It will be a tremendous help! ;-)

Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

I love how you're doing Guided Math this year!! What a fantastic set up and isn't it fantastic how involved the kids are? Thanks so much for the shout my friend :) :)

3rd Grade Thoughts

Jessica said...

Love the envelopes from the dollar store. I'll have to pay them a visit to see if they have any. We run our math work stations in a similar format, but have a ton of technology that I utilize during our station time.

What I Have Learned

Stacy said...

Love your post... the pictures are awesome! Looks like your setup is seamless!
Funky Fresh Firsties

Courtney B said...

Love seeing how you organize your math stations. I just started them this year so I am always looking for different ideas.

Alyssha Swanson said...

So much amazingness in this post that I don't even know where to start!

Laura said...

I love Math Workshop! Your math stations are so organized, and those drawers are beautiful! Love your posts!!
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Nicole Rios said...

I love this post, Anna! I am already doing daily math groups, but love the way you have organized the Lesson Work, and math station activities. That is my next step, and now I am super inspired to tackle that!

Mrs, Rios Teaches Second Grade

jessroy said...

I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing! Did you find your math journal prompts on TpT? Are they yours or did you find them through another seller? Would love to get my hands on those. :) Thanks again!

karen said...

I am just DYING over your organization! Love the anchor chart and the little math notebooks... everything! Thanks for sharing such fab ideas :)

M said...

This is exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you so much for sharing! Can you possibly tell me where I can purchase the black math station labels in your pictures?

Corinna said...

Great organization Anna! I started math groups this year and it has worked so well to keep my kids engaged. I would love to know more about what you do with your advanced students. This is where I feel like I fall short. I want to push them a bit more, but not overwhelm them! Thanks so much for sharing!

Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
Surfin' Through Second

Lori said...

Wow! What great math organization! Love that colored drawer cart too. :)
Conversations in Literacy

Growing Firsties said...

I adorrrrre this post!!! Soooo many wonderful ideas and fantastic organization!!! Pinning to the Math board on Teachers on Pinterest AND to my own board for future reference. Sounds like we teach in similar districts. :)
Hugs - Lisa
Growing Firsties

Heather LeBlanc said...

I love your post, and I LOVE how you included pics to help those visual learners like myself :)

Lory's Page said...

Yeah Anna!!! Looks fabulous!! We all deserve an aide... if only to walk around and talk pics of us ;)
  Lory’s Page

Kriss said...

I love your math center organization. I love the math prompts. Can you tell me where to find where your station lables and tracking sheet are located along with the math prompts. I really want toget this all taken care of in my room. Thanks for helping me out!

Peace, Love, and Teaching said...

Are your pretest assessments on tpt?

Anna DiGilio said...

Hi Peace, Love, and Teaching.... :) Thanks so much for your comment! Yes... My math assessments that I made have a Pre and Post test for each common core state standard. You can check them out here in my TPT shop...

Thanks so much for your question :)


Nicole from Teaching With Style said...

I do a modified version of this. I LOVE your journals! They are awesome!

Wife and Mommy said...

Do you have the prompt for the math journals available? I would love to have those.

Anne Murphy said...

What did your husband use to cut the journals in half?

Courtney Woods said...

Do you sell your math centers anywhere? I will be teaching second grade for the first time in September and would love to do exactly this!

Keith Ferrell said...

I'm looking for your labels and tracking sheet. Is it on TPT?

Anna DiGilio said...

Hi Friends....I know that many of you are interested in my labels and recording sheet for my math stations. If you click this link, it will take you to my new blog post with some resources for you :)


Karen F. said...

Do you have your anchor charts anywhere?? I love them and match my others :-) Thanks

Merideth Brodeur said...

I am also looking for a link for the anchor chart for Math Centers. I use the ones you made for Daily 5 in reading, and I LOVE them. I would love to have the math poster to share as well. Thank you!

Jessica said...

Great post! Where do you get to the snap pockets? Do you have a cheap source?

What I Have Learned

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