Brain Breaks with GoNoodle

Hi Friends... Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I recently started doing Brain Breaks in my classroom with my kiddos and I LOVE them...but more importantly, my KIDS LOVE THEM!  I have a wonderful class of little ones this year, but many of them have the wiggly squiggles :)  so Brain Breaks are just the ticket to keeping my sanity to help my little ones stay focused on the task at hand!

I found this AWESOME site that takes Brain Breaks to a new level and is a bit more interactive and educational for my kiddos as well.  It is called GoNoodle!  Have you heard of it?  If not, click the image below to check it out!

This website is a FREE brain break resource for teachers to use in their classrooms.  All you need is a computer, a projector, and an internet connection and you are ready to get your Noodle on!
It offers a wide variety of brain breaks that include walking, dancing, running, and deep breathing.  Many teachers use it to transition to the next activity in class..I use it to get the wiggly squiggles out of their systems :)  And research has shown that short bursts of classroom physical activity improves student performance!  My kiddos have begged me every day this week to do a brain break in class...and I was able to get my wiggly squiggles out myself!

I wish I could show you a picture of my little ones Brain Breaking it out with GONOODLE, but I am not allowed :(  sadsville :(  So you get me instead :)

Go Noodle has the cutest graphics and adorable little GoNoodle helpers that record our time that we brain break.

So...I hope you find some time to check out their free website and give GoNoodle's Brain Breaks a try!

And.... GUESS WHAT??  You have a chance to WIN a free GONOODLE Membership!  How cool is that!  Head on over to the Primary Chalkboard to join in on the Giveaway!  Click the image below to head on over....


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