Parts of Speech F.U.N.!

Hi Friends...Teaching about parts of speech is one of my favorite things to teach about....I think it's because after I teach them...I MAKE sure they use "juicy" adjectives and adverbs in their sentences.  It makes for a happy teacher :)

I always start teaching parts of speech using a mentor text.  These mentor texts are ADORBS and they rhyme as well.  The kids LOVE them!

Click the book images to see them on

Here is a blog that has links to GREAT Parts of Speech videos that I show on the Smartboard.

Then on to the FUN STUFF... I am not a huge fan of typical worksheets.  I like to add a little bit of interactive fun into the different skills that I teach in my classroom.  My kids ADORE the flip flap books that I give them!  They literally want to do one for EVERYTHING! I actually can't keep up with them.  You know what else they learn from making my flip flap books???  HOW TO CUT!
Holy makes me a wee bit crazy that my second graders have difficulty cutting in second grade, but by November they are TRAINED on how to cut straight and NEATLY! :)

Here are the flip flap books that we do and how I put them together....

SADSVILLE!!!  I can't find the pictures of my Verb books :(

After we finish all of our Parts of Speech Flip Flap Books, we adhere them to construction paper booklets and staple it on the left side.  It makes for a beautiful display of their hard-work and effort.  I actually received three e-mails from parents telling me how great they thought their child's parts of speech book was!
One HAPPY TEACHER right here!!!  :)

So...this is how I teach parts of speech to my students...they really have fun with it and at the end they have a wonderful book with all of your hard-work!

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