Cause and Effect & a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends...I hope this post finds you all well and rested :)  I wanted to share with you how I teach the concept of Cause and Effect in my classroom.  I just LOVE teaching about this skill to my kiddos, however, it is a somewhat difficult concept to teach.  I love teaching it so much, that I chose to have my observation this year on this topic...and my principal LOVED it!

Before I go into how I teach this concept, I found this ADORABLE video on You Tube of a class singing a Cause and Effect song that I wanted to share with you...

I am totally adding this to my bag of tricks this coming year.  

I created a new flip flap book for cause and effect that I am going to be using this year as well.  Just another way for my students to practice this skill.  Here is page explaining how I begin my unit on Cause and Effect in my class...

And for the FREEBIE....Here is my Smartboard Unit that I use to teach the concept of Cause and Effect.  If you don't have a SB, I am sooooo sorry!

And here is the flip flap book on Cause and Effect that I am going to be using with my kiddos!
I am SOOOOO EXCITED to use this with them this upcoming year!!! If you want to check it out in my TPT Shop, just click the image below...

I continue to practice the skill of Cause and Effect throughout the year using the books that we read during our read-alouds or during our guided reading groups.  They can never have too much practice with this skill!  I hope you like the Smartboard freebie and I hope it helps you teach the skill of Cause and Effect!

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