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Yep...Halloween is officially over...thank goodness!  Halloween week exhausts me! But even though I am exhausted, I am already thinking about our next holiday!  I always like to get a jumpstart on my planning and printing, so I feel like I am ready to go and I actually accomplished something off of my NEVER ENDING list of "Things to Do!"

 I have a lot of families that travel during the Thanksgiving break and I NEVER have a full class that short week, so I don't like to teach any new concepts.  I like to do a review of some of the topics that we already covered and of course teach about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags. 

I don't know if you have seen this yet, but Scholastic has an INCREDIBLE website filled with videos of Pilgrim Life, Wampanoag Life, and the info about the Mayflower.  It is JAM-PACKED with incredible information.  I am going to show my class all of the videos...that's how good they are!

Click this image below to check out the Scholastic site!  You will not be sorry!

After we watch the various video footage on the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags, we will complete my flip-flap book to do some Expository Writing.  I'm not sure yet if I am only going to do the Flip-Flap Book or add in the Mayflower craftivity to it.  I will prep for both or maybe give the kiddos the chance to choose what they want to do :)

Here are some images of my little ones working on this project last year!

I am really looking forward to completing this one the week of Thanksgiving.  I am also prepping my Place Value Pilgrim Scoot game and my Greater Than or Less Than Turkey Scoot game.  It is sure to be a fun and busy week :)

Here are some images of our Greater Than or Less Than Turkey Scoot game!  My kiddos had a BALL!

At my Work on Writing Center, my students are working on my Thanksgiving Theme-Shaped Writing Booklets.  These activities have REALLY added so much writing and FUN into this station.  My students are reading, writing, and making words all relating to Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving interactive notebook

What are you planning to do the week of Thanksgiving??  Why don't we all make a pact to plan ahead and get all of our copies done so we can feel stress-free that week?  LOL

If you are interested in any of my units above, click the images to get to my TPT Shop to pick them up...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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