New Year's Resolutions!

Hi Friends.... Happy (ALMOST) New Year!!!

New Year's Resolution Writing

I wanted to share with you what I plan on doing with my little ones the day we return from break.  I have to ease them in a bit slowly because they had a two-week break this year and I am sure they are going to be T.I.R.E.D. from not being on a schedule.

During our ELA block, I will show them a You Tube video of a girl reading the story Squirrel's New Year's Resolution because I don't have the book and it isn't in my school library.  But I am going to order it from Amazon this week using the gift cards I received for Christmas!  Click the image below to head on over to the You Tube video or click the book link below to purchase it from Amazon.  It is really an adorable book!

After we listen to the story, we will brainstorm a list of new year's resolutions and talk about them.  Then I will show them our new Happy 2016 Flip Flap usual they will be soooooo excited!  Now that we have completed a bunch of different flip flap books this year, I don't even have to go over the directions anymore!  It is just easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Here are some images of my students completing their New Year's Resolution 2014 Flip Flap Book from two years ago.  What is GREAT about this resource is that I update it EVERY YEAR!  Yep... that's will get an updated version each year for FREE!

Here are some images of the final product when they finished last year!  They look SOOOO cute on the bulletin board!

Here they are on the bulletin board!

If you are interested in checking this out for your classroom, head on over to my TPT Shop to pick it up.  It is ONLY $3.00 and I will UPDATE the file EVERY year with the new year so you only have to purchase it ONCE :)  

New Year's Resolution Writing