Hi Friends... GUESS WHAT?   My birthday is on Groundhog Day!  For the LIFE of me... I have NO IDEA how I am in the 'low' forties....WHAT?????  How in the world did this happen?????  I literally do not remember my thirties!  I used to be the YOUNG teacher and now all of a sudden, I was called a VETERAN teacher the other day!  YIKES... those words scared me a bit...but since I have been teaching for 22 years...I guess that may be accurate!  LOL try and get over my depression that I continue to get older each year...LOL.. I am having a BIRTHDAY BASH....starting TODAY!!!  My ENTIRE TPT Shop is 20% OFF Today, Tomorrow, and Monday! 

Not only that....but I am having a $20 GIVEAWAY RAFFLE to my TPT SHOP
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