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I am teaming up with some great teacher bloggers to bring you a blog hop featuring one of my March resources.  I want to give you a closer look at this resource and how I run my day during St. Patrick's Day.... 

Here are my blogging friends that are taking part in this fun little blog hop...

And here is the resource that I will be featuring today and offering for 15% OFF!!!

On St. Patrick's Day in my classroom I try to incorporate many different skills and activities to make the day fun, meaningful, and rigorous...not an easy feat...but it can be done.  I created this resource and have used it for the last three years in my classroom.  It incorporates literacy and math skills.  First thing in the morning, I have a few parents coming in to class to bake Irish soda bread with my students.  I will be sending them own to the cafeteria with my parents in three groups.  While each group is baking, we will be working on a variety of math activities that I will have set up in 3 different centers around the room.  One activity is called Dublin' Fun where the students will play a math game using math doubles facts, the next activity they will do is play a game called Leprechaun Loot where the students will turn over leprechaun gold and make the largest triple-digit number they can make and compare their number to their partner's number using greater than or less than, and the last math station is called Pot o' Gold Domino Sums where they will use dominoes and add the sums on pots of gold.

During my literacy block, I will read one of my favorite books called Clever Tom and the Leprechaun which is an adorable story of some clever trickery on the part of the tiny little leprechaun.  This story lends itself so perfectly to a cause and effect activity as well as a character traits lesson.  I have done both activities with my class in the past and has always been a ton of fun.

Here are a few images of our Clover of Character Traits and our Clever Tom and the Leprechaun creativity....

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