Sight Word Sleuths and a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you well and rested!  Have you finished school yet?  Not me!  I have two more weeks and then the summer will begin :)

I wanted to share with you something that I have been working on this year for my classroom and I am super duper happy with the way it turned out :)  This year I had a cohort of students in my classroom that were basically non-readers.  Honestly, I have had low readers before in second grade, but non-readers…not really.  So I knew I needed to figure out how I was going to help them master their sight words and begin the process of learning how to read. 

My kiddos LOVED and I mean LOVED my Detective-Themed guided reading flip flaps this year, so I thought that I would figure out a way to help my little ones learn their sight words using a detective theme as well.  And this was born….. 

Sight Word Sleuth Tab-Its!

My little ones went CUH-RAZY for them!  Happy Teacher right here!  I think they just loved the different types of activities that they had to do and there were 6 different FIND IT scenes that changed it up with the different sight words I taught them.

I used the first 50 Fry words in this set and I am creating a second set with the next 50 Fry words, so in the end the first 100 Fry words will be covered.  Do you use the Dolch word list?  If so, they are basically the same with some exceptions and the order in which the word appears on the list.  But if you can find the word on the Dolch list…it is 99% of the time on the Fry list as well!

Here is how each Sight Word Sleuth Tab-It is organized...

On the Trace It page, the students used an ink pad and their fingerprints to trace over the large sight word and then use a colored pencil to trace over the smaller sight words.

On the Write It page, the students will write Disappearing Words using a white crayon and a marker.  They will write the sight word on the confidential file folders :) using a white crayon and color over it with a marker for the word to appear!

On the Find It page, the students will be Super Sleuth Detectives and find the 16 hidden sight words in the detective scene using a magnifying glass.  I made 6 different scenes that are rotated throughout the resource.  They LOVED this part of the booklet!

On the Spell It page, the students use Ransom Letters to spell out the sight word four times on a Tricky Sight Word Wanted Poster.
They will cut out the letters that are jumbled up and glue them in the boxes on the page.

On the Use It page, the students will use the sight word in 3 different sentences that are written on the page and then they must write their own sentence using the sight word.

Soooo… in a nutshell, I definitely feel like they mastered the sight words that we worked on and I saw them applying the words we learned in their daily writing.  That in my book is called a success. I was truly happy with the progress they made this year with their reading.  It was a lot of hard-work for them, but they did it and reaped the benefits…and became
Sight Word Super Sleuths
in the process!

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And if you want to try them out… here is a
FREEBIE for you!  Enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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