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Close Reading - Biography Edition

Hi Friends… This post is going to be a quickie because I am headed out to the pool with my kiddos!  I just wanted to tell you about my newest resource!  My Close Reading Tab-Its - Biography Edition!

nonfiction close reading

 Is it a little CRAZY nutty that I am excited to go back to school to use these during my guided reading groups??!!  LOL  I cannot wait to introduce these tab-its to my new bunch of second graders! I really think they are going to love them.

What I LOVE about them is that the close reading passage has TWO different ways that it can be used.

  • It can be attached directly inside of the Tab-It booklet as the second page where it is easy accessible to the students to refer back to when they are answering their text-dependent questions.  
George Washington Carver close reading

  • The second way that it can be used is by simply adhering the close reading passage adjacent to the Tab-Its booklet in your interactive notebooks.  
nonfiction close reads

EEEEEK!  I am excited!  What do you think?  Wanna give them a try?  Head on over to my TPT Shop to pick them up… Click the image below…

biography close reading

Oh… I also just uploaded my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW

holiday activities

Thanks for stopping by!

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