Learning our Short Vowels!

Hi Friends... UGH....my summer is almost coming to and end and I am ACTUALLY starting to think about my classroom and the first few weeks of school!  I basically have my first week planned out, but the second week of school we hit the ground running with content...content....content!  LOL

The first week of our reading series expects us to TEACH and REVIEW ALL.... yes... I said.. ALL...  of the short vowels.  I guess "people" expect second graders to come INTO second grade having mastered their short vowel sounds... um... nope!   Not even close. 

So I have to spend some time on getting them to master their short vowel sounds... in a SHORT amount of time!  I created this resource out of a need in my own classroom and I LOVE it... what I love about it is that it all fits beautifully into our interactive notebooks when they have completed the activity.

We start Shapin' Up or Short Vowels!!!!

making words

There are a few different aspects to this short vowel work.  First, the students use a workmat and create short vowel words based on a word family.  For Short A, they work on AT and AP word families.  They first build the words on their work mat using the Scrabble tiles, then they write the words they make in their mini books.  When they are done using the Scrabble tiles, I have them glue the letters in their interactive notebooks instead of throwing them in the trash.  It is just another reinforcement on mastering their short vowel sounds and blending sounds technique!

I have to say..for the most part, my entire class has a much stronger grasp on their Short Vowels when we complete this activity.  Some of my struggling readers usually need a bit more time and practice which I do in my small intervention groups using manipulatives, other types of hands-on activities, and I also add in my Short Vowel Word Family Tab-Its Book.

This is what I use with my students who struggle with learning their short vowel sounds.

short vowel activities

You can check out my Word Families Tab-Its here.... 

word family activities

Anywho... I just wanted to give you a little insight into how I teach and review short vowel sounds in the beginning of the year!

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