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Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you well and enjoying your summer break.  I just returned home from a relaxing vacation in Punta Cana!  It was a tons of fun and I really needed the R & R :)   I actually wrote this blog post on the plane there...BUT… the flight didn't have any WIFI and I was going a little batty {like I lost a limb} without WIFI, so I decided to just write a blog post that I have been thinking about doing and uploading it when I returned home….

So…on to content!

Science… Do you follow a specific curriculum for Science?  Do you have a specific scope and sequence to follow?  We use a science program called Science 21 in my district.  It is a decent program, pretty hands on…BUT…everything is a worksheet.. UGH!  Worksheets definitely have a place in my classroom, but for science I like something a bit more interactive, which aligns with the lesson and/or experiment we are doing in class.

science activities

So I spent the better part of a month or two creating some activities to match our science curriculum that are a bit more engaging for my students and can be put into our Science Interactive Notebooks.  So I decided to create my Tab-Its aligned to our science units.  However, I wanted to make them somewhat generic enough that they could be used for different activities and for a variety of teacher needs.  Here are the Science Tab-Its Bundles that I have created so far….

Science Interactive NotebooksScience Interactive Notebooks

Science Interactive NotebooksScience Interactive Notebooks

This resource below is a MEGA BUNDLE that has all of the bundles above for a deep discount!

Science Interactive Notebooks

All of my Science Tab-Its are also SOLD SEPARATELY just in case you only do only some of these units!

We actually work on the Scientific Method and complete all of the steps for four different experiments that we conduct in our classroom each year.  I made this Scienctific Method Tab-its Booklet that can be used for ANY science experiment!  Time-saving at its best…don’tcha think? J

Science Interactive Notebooks

Every year we also study the moon phases and the students actually need to learn the phases of the moon and be able to identify them, so I KNEW my littles were going to need a ton of practice with this, so in addition to all of  the other experiments and activities that we do about the moon, I used my MOON Tab-Its as an informal assessment at the conclusion of our unit .  However, it could also be used during your unit as you study the phases and the moon in general.

phases of the moon interactive notebook

Below is an image of our Moon Flip Flap Book that we complete when we are researching different facts about the moon as well!

phases of the moon

After I taught our unit on the moon, my littles were OBSESSED with outer space… and I mean OBSESSED J  They were all taking solar system book out from the library to do research on the different planets….and then….my littles said to me… “Mrs. DiGilio, can you make one of those cool tab books for the solar system?”  YES..this actually happened.. so I happily obliged J  However, I couldn’t take class time up for lessons about the solar system so I had my students complete the Solar System Tab-Its Books when they went to Work on Writing every day during Daily 5!  OH BOY… can I tell you how EXCITED they were!  Oh my goodness…HAPPY TEACHER here!   Some of them working on it for a week and it took some of them two weeks.  But I didn’t care!  They worked on their Solar System Tab-Its book each day for 20 minutes while they went to the Work on Writing Station.  Check out some of their work!  The did such a FABULOUS JOB… I even received and e-mail from a parent telling me how cool it was and that their child LOVED it J  Awww…makes me heart sing!

planets interactive notebooksolar system interactive notebook

solar system interactive notebookplanets interactive notebook

We did so many other Science AND Social Studies Tab-Its this year….Here are some images below so you can check them out.

government interactive notebook

social studies activities

So, I hope you have some time to give my Science and Social Studies Tab-It’s a try for your Interactive Notebooks this year!

Thanks for dropping by :) 

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