Apples, Apples, Apple Day!

APPLE DAY is coming!!!!

apple day

Apple Day is one of my FAVORITE days of the school year!  I have been doing Apple Day for the past 19 years in my classroom and I still love it every year.  Even though I LOVE summer, Fall is my favorite season.  The crisp air, the cooler temps, comfy light sweaters, and the COLORS of Fall are just mesmerizing here in NY!  I can sit and look at the trees all day when they are bursting with Fall colors :)

Our Apple Day is a math and literacy focused day.  My students work around my classroom and participate in various math and literacy activities using apples.  This is how it works...

I split my class up into three groups.  One group goes to the cafeteria with parent volunteers and bakes an apple treat for the class.  The parents focus on measuring and using different measuring tools and a recipe to follow. Then, in the classroom, I have 6 Apple Stations. Each Apple Station has some type of math activity or literacy activity.  They measure the circumference of their apple using a ribbon, they use rainbow cubes and unifix cubes to measure their ribbon, they use wooden blocks to weigh their apples, predict whether their apple will sink or float, and the last station they predict how many seeds are in their apple.  Then we cut it open and write an equation about the difference in the number of seeds they estimated and how many were actually in their apple.  Each of the groups go into the cafeteria to bake their apple treat and when they come back into the classroom they continue on with their station work.  They write all of their predictions and measurements in our apple booklet in addition to working on our flip flap book.

 Here is how I set up the stations.  
I use presentation boards around the room.
(CLEARLY... I need to update these presentation boards :) They need to be freshened up with some cute clipart and an ACTUAL FONT...OMG!)

As they travel throughout the stations, they also read various apple books and complete my Apple Flip Flap Book...

apple activity

Can't you see why I love Apple Day so much!!!  One of the best days of my year... and my kiddos LOVE IT!  They always write about this day as a fond memory at the end of the year!

Do you have an Apple Day in your classroom??

I also add my Johnny Appleseed Flip Flap Book to my Work on Writing Center and my kiddos work on this flip flap book every day for one week during our Daily 5 rotations and they LOVE IT!!!  If you are interested in checking these out, click the images below to head on over to my TPT Shop :) 

apple flip flap bookjohnny appleseed activity

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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