100th Day of School FREEBIE!!!

Hi Everyone....I just wanted to share a little freebie that I have been doing in my classroom for years.  We don't really go all out anymore for the 100th Day of School.  However, I do a few activities on the 100th day, we have cake and call it a day :)

However, I do this one activity that I L-O-V-E :)  Here's how I do it...

I allow my students to go "Book Shopping" for Scholastic books :)  I have a TON of old Scholastic Book order forms that I haven't used and I save them for this day.  I do a little mini-lesson on using a calculator that day or the day before...BOY OH BOY....are they excited to use calculators :)

I give them the recording sheet and they cut out the pictures of the books they would like to "buy" and glue it on the recording sheet.  They record the price in the price column and use the calculator to add up the totals from each page.  The object of the activity is "Spend $100 EXACTLY for Books".  I don't allow them to "buy" books that are more than $5.00 because they will all choose the larger dollar amounts and be done in 3 minutes :)

My little kiddos LOVE IT!!  They get so excited that they are allowed to do their math with a calculator.  It's a fun day and we get to have CAKE!  I hope you can use this in your classroom this year!

100th Day of School FREEBIE!

Oh....and if you are in the mood for a Fun Flip Flap Book...you know I have one for the occasion!!!! Check it out!


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